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Re: date is 1934 on reboot

> My TiBook relativeléy often resets the time to 1904, which is also too
> far off for ntp to correct it. I then need to manually adjust it, before
> I can sync it with ntp.
> It seems this happens every time the PMU gets reset, regardless of
> battery availability. At least this TiBook _does_ have an internal bakup
> battery (glued to the top cover together with the PMU, above the DVD
> drive).

If the PMU gets reset that often, beacuse you press the little reset key
at the back, the solution is easy: just don't do that.  There's hardly
ever a reason to rest the PMU.  If your box crashes, you can also bring
it down by keeping the power key pressed down for about 5 seconds; this
will not reset the PMU, and so will keep your time intact.

Now why doesn't the manual mention this?



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