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7300 NAT/Firewall

I mentioned this on #debianppc IRC, but got little response.

I got woody working with quik on a 7300. The installer screen was split --
rotated 25% to the left. But I managed. Getting the ADB mouse recognized,
installing the 2.4 kernel package, getting XFree86 up, getting AsanteFAST
590 NICs recognized, and creating new install floppies, have all been

I'd intended to use this machine as a NAT/firewall. My current firewall is a
Quadra 700 running OpenBSD. I really like ipf (and ipnat). But OpenBSD
doesn't run on oldworld PPC machines. And debian has been highly touted by
dear friends. So I thought I'd give it a shot. But it won't do for this

My options are: hear miraculous way to make debian work; install SUSE 7.3;
install the latest NetBSD (if it runs); install YellowDog; or use XPostFacto
to install OS X. Interested to hear opinions on this.


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