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Re: Short battery life on Powerbook Prismo

On  14 Oct, this message from marshal@h9.dion.ne.jp echoed through cyberspace:
> Damn.  I'll go searching though, since in Japan, they seem to keep old
> parts around.


> Any possibility of reconditioning the battery?

Once upon a time, when I was sill using a Powerbook 520 under MacOS,
there was an app called something along the lines of '...battery
recondition...'. Don't know if that one or another such app supports the
Pismo batteries... Have a look at an Info-Mac mirror near you.

What you might also do is cycle the battery a few times, i.e. letting it
drain and then immediatly recharging it, and this some 5 times in a row.

If you're good at manual work and electronics, you can also, as a last
resort, open the _empty_ battery pack (carefull!) and see if one of the
batteries inside has a _much_ lower voltage than the others, in which
case that one is bust, and you can try to replace just that battery.
Normally these battery packs contain more or less standard battery

Or, if none of the cells has significantly lower voltage than the
others, you can also replace all the cells... would be less expensive
than a new batery pack. Look here:


But all this is at your own risk...



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