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Re: Install debian on powerbook 3400c

On Sun, Oct 13, 2002 at 01:40:06AM +0200, Gilles Hooghe wrote:
> As you did, I would like to install debian GNU/Linux on my laptop
> powerbook 3400c.
> I have followed the instructions given by Debian.org for installation on
> powerpc. But I'm stuck on one of the first steps. I've been to the Open
> Firware, but there I can't tell the name of the partition to boot.
> I have 2 partition one HFS+ with MACOS, and another HFS with the files
> yaboot, yaboot.conf, vmlinuz and root.bin in it.

vmlinuz is not the name it will be looking for. Instead, you want to
use the linux.bin file from the archive section where you found
> I've tried many possibilities but without succes, such as :
> 0 > boot hd9:yaboot

Your syntax is slightly wrong. It should be 

boot hd:9,yaboot

If you have yaboot and yaboot.conf on the root level of the partition.

> 0 > boot /bandit/ohare/ata/ata-disk@0:1,\yaboot
> 0 > boot /bandit/ohare/media-bay/ata/atapi-disk@0:0,\install\powermac\yaboot

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