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Re: bi-G4 1.25Ghz

>	Hi,
>Santa-claus comes today with this new machine.
>I've asked him to add a SCSI card and a 73Gb SCSI disk, in order to put
>the SCSI card is an adaptec 29160N

Hrm... This machine isn't yet pefectly supported, it would help
if I could have physical access to one of those for a couple
of days (btw. I'm in France ;)

You may have better luck with my kernel than with debian stock

The Adaptec card should work, make sure the aic7xxx driver is
built in.

>whille trying to boot on the debian-30r0-powerpc-binary-1, bad luck,
>neither the ata100 drive, neither the SCSI disk are seen.

The ata100 isn't yet supported. It might detect the disk with
my latest tree, but I don't suggest relying on it too much,
I haven't yet figured out the proper timings for this controller.

>as far as I've understood my google search, I have to switch the
>drive from the ata100 to the ata66 bus in order to be able to use it
>under linux. This is the easy part.


>and for the adaptec card support, I have to compile a fresh kernel >
>is there an iso of an install disk including such a kernel with the
>29160 driver ?
>if not I'll build a kernel on my pismo, an boot from disk as I
>will perform a network install.
>In this case I would like to know which is the magic incantation
>to boot from the internal IDE drive. More exactly the way to find the
>device name under OF.

Or you can just put the kernel, yaboot & yaboot.conf on an HFS
or HFSplus partition of your HD and boot that from OF
(boot hd:partition,\yaboot). The yaboot.conf would be setup to
load the kernel from the HD and the install ramdisk from the CD.

>I've done this long time ago while installing my pismo, but I don't
>remember the "vaudou" OF incantation.
>	thank's
>	Eric
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