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Re: Printing with CUPS


* marco wrote/schrieb:
> I take advantage of this thread because I have problem printing remotely to my usb printer.
> It works fine on my g3 box. Configured with cups.
> But when I want to print fom my linux box... 
> --> lp: error - no default destination available
> # lpadmin -h -d stylus740
> lpadmin: set-default failed: server-error-service-unavailable
> cupsd is running on
install cups-bsd, see below.

Do you have cups installed on your client? If yes, then change the
server to use in /etc/cupsd/client.conf.

Or, you can install cups, AND cups-bsd on your client and configure cups to
automatically include all remote Printers found in your network. Then
you can easily print with  lpr -H$PRINTERNAME(@remotehost)



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