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Re: OT: Re: Mozilla plugins

On Fri, Oct 11, 2002 at 10:04:44AM -0700, brett@kavi.com wrote:
> > Not that it means anything here exactly: I always wondered why
> > there was a Flash player for OS/2 too.  Maybe IBM payed for it?
> > It's made by a German company I think.
> > 
> > Is OS/2 used more in Germany?
> OS/2 is still seemingly big in embedded applications; probably something
> to do with it's well-implemented threading.
> It seems to pop up everwhere; our phone switch at work runs it, as does
> the wells fargo atm down the street that reboots all the time :)

OS/2 before being a graphical OS was a enhanced DOS-like OS.
I believe that the OS/2 embedded has nothing in common with the one with
a flash plugin. That said I would be very surprised to learn about
significant active embedded development based on OS/2 today (but
everybody has the right to make bad choice, certainly for legacy

Note that DOS is still use in embedded projects.


> > To be fair there is nothing like plugger for OS/2.
> apt-cache show plugger
> -Brett
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