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Re: Presentation with Free Software

I've also done this.  I used the prosper package (prosper.sf.net) which
provides another document class in LaTeX.  I've used it also to generate
PDF's but for my final presentation, I had to use Acrobat in full screen
mode on a PC running XP (double yuk !! :).  Using EPS figures from xfig
and xmgr resulted in a really "clean" looking presentation (content not
withstanding ;-) ...

Another option for you might be to try Mozilla in full screen mode.  It
can now do MathML, so should take care of any formulae you may have.   A
long time ago, I saw a comp. sci. prof. give his talk in HTML, and that
was cool, as to how well it worked for him.


> On Oct 02 2002, christophe barbé wrote:

> > Also I plan to do a presentation with my new TiBook. So if you have
> > tips on how to achieve this goal...
> 	I think that you can use LaTeX, generating a pdf file and then
> 	playing the pdf for your audience with xpdf. Using LaTeX is
> 	the best approach if your subject is Math-oriented and you
> 	need a good amount of formulas.
>       .......
> 	In the worst possible situation, you could use your pdf inside
> 	MacOS with Acrobat Reader (which is able to do the transitions
> 	smoothly).

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