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Re: Short battery life on Powerbook Prismo

>>>>> "Brian" == Brian D Hicks <hick0142@tc.umn.edu> writes:

    > On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 10:09:44AM +0900, marshal@h9.dion.ne.jp
    > wrote:
    >> So the yesterday, I decided to bring it to work.
    >> Unfortunately, the battery died, or at least went low enough
    >> for pmud to put the computer to sleep, in around 45 minutes,
    >> maybe even less.
    >> I just wondering if this is a problem with the battery or is
    >> this a problem with Linux having less power control than MacOS.
    >> I haven't tested it with MacOS yet...

    > I generally get about 3 hours out of each battery for my Pismo
    > (more if I turn off firewire, remove cd-rom, dim backlight,
    > etc), so it's not a Linux issue.  If you haven't been keeping
    > the battery charged for long periods of time, that might have
    > lowered it's energy storage capabilities, though.
    > Unfortunately, finding new batteries for a Pismo is tough (Apple
    > hasn't sold them for months).  -- Brian Hicks

Damn.  I'll go searching though, since in Japan, they seem to keep old
parts around.

Any possibility of reconditioning the battery?


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