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Re: Presentation with Free Software

On Wed, Oct 02, 2002 at 04:58:47PM -0500, vinai wrote:
> I've also done this.  I used the prosper package (prosper.sf.net) which
> provides another document class in LaTeX.  I've used it also to generate
> PDF's but for my final presentation, I had to use Acrobat in full screen
> mode on a PC running XP (double yuk !! :).  Using EPS figures from xfig
> and xmgr resulted in a really "clean" looking presentation (content not
> withstanding ;-) ...

I have used advi, which is yet another latex package combined with a
program (advi) to run the presentation.  It's far from user friendly, but
has some really cool features like supporting (by default--not quite so
cool) eps figures with transparent backgrounds.  It just turns white
transparent, so if you really want white, you have to make it ever so
slightly off-white.

I'm not sure I'd recommend advi (I've only used it once--the only time I
did a presentation since I got my laptop), but if you think of latex as
being user friendly (I do), advi might be the program for you.
David Roundy

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