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Boot Floppies ATA100 for PPC?

Hi all,

i'm searching for an unofficial debian boot floppy Ata 100 for PPC.

I need it becouse the Dual processor G4 887 Mhz contain 3 ide bus:

hda Ata100
hdb Ata66  (fixed slave of hda)
hdc Ata33 

well, yaboot seem not able to boot from hdb (ata66)
Hdc (ata 33) is the slowest of my G4, and i must condivide it with Combo
driver... absurd!!

...so the only praticable way is to put linux in hda ata100 bus.

My idea is to use the good mini iso of 183 Mb and work on it.

I'm been able to build a bootable cdrom, but i need of a 2.88 Mb floppy
image with ata100 compatible kernel.

some one know if this image floppy is avaible somewhere?

tnx in advance

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