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[no subject] "Hard Install" # login from remote host? 'LaTeX' mode in xemacs -- MARK -- .config options differ between dists .deb installation .forward and .procmailrc .wav/.midi /dev/cdrom was: none /dev/cua? and /dev/ttyS? /dev/hdc1 Mount & Permissions /etc/cron.daily/wn error /etc/porttime seems to not work /etc/printcap set up RE: /usr/spool and related links... /var/log/messages 1FA: 2.0.32 kernel a problem? 2.0.33 kernel and libc6 dependancies 3130B & 3c905 boomerang 3c905 & DT3130B 56k voice modem compatible with debian/vgetty 8-bit characters in tcsh? 8086 assembler for linux device driver 980223 Work-Needing and Prospective Packages [autofs] Need a auto.hosts map for different machines with different exports [comp.os.linux.hardware] Oracle on Linux [ X Window] [fvwmconf] HowTo? [General Q] Filtering mail from IMAP server with procmail [OFF-TOPIC] Pentium II performance? Re: [Q] 56K US Robotics? [Q] cannot print [Q] Check please Hardware for Linux Box. [Q] cp /etc/smb.conf /dev/lp0 -- does not work [Q] Editing kanji in X [Q] Multi-instalation procedure? Re: [S.u.S.E. Linux] Re: Which Linux distribution??? [SOLVED] Re: smbfs `-- MARK --' in syslog every 20 minutes `icmplogd: destination unreachable from localhost' A20 GATING FAILED about the FAQ and /etc/init.d Adaptec 274x Re: adduser in hamm dumps core ! ae don't accept arrow keys afterstep config file in /tmp AGP Video aha2920, "no disk found" Anon FTP and other conflicts anonymous ftp permissions Any command to spin down a *scsi* drive? any debianized CAD programs? Any Mappers?? RE: Any Mappers?? [HTML imagemap creation on Linux] AOL IM apache .htaccess seem not to be read apache 1.1.3-6 install errors APC UPS APC UPS'es AT keyboard & X ATI Xpression support Attn: Deb Staff: Filerunner Now GPL Software? auctex failing on hamm system Auteur! Autologin.. Not wanted Autologin..not wanted.. Automating PPP with cron? automount to amd or autofs map convertion AW: AW: r* commands don't work AW: r* commands don't work AZTECH 2320 PnP sound card howto ? Azteck sound Card Backspace in Netscape Backspace in X? Bad blocks Bad installation :( BASH question bbs for debian? Beeping the Speaker A better backup (was: Re: Question re: splitting files) BGP biff in bo Binary Directorys bitchx and xterm bitchx configuration bo - Afterstep - colours books and debian distribs Boot and base disks packaging boot/mount more info and 2 more questions Broken Mail Broken Man pages after uprade! Bug in EGCS? Building own packages - how? Bullshit-->Fired for Linux? C locale C locales and 'history' C++ Profiler re: cable modem (was question) Can I pass dselect a "list" of packages? can't access /dev/fd0 Can't install samba_1.9.18p2-1.deb (the one in hamm) can't search forwards in netscape? cannot use dselect cc:Mail - any equivalents??? Re: cc:Mail under Linux (was: debian-user-digest Digest V98 #224 (fwd)) CD Changer CD-ROM drivers was: Re: good morning CDE cdwrite and cd writers cfs package orphaned CFS, help with cmkdir CGI scripts to send and recieve email eg. MUA cgiwrap chage not working Changing HW clock to GMT? Cheap hardware for Checking mail from several ISPs Cloning a Debian hard drive Clueless newbie in need - PPP problems Cogent eMaster+ PCI installation Commercial support (was Server Questions (fwd)) compiling and installing non deb stuff Compiling perl5.004 without libc6. Compiling w/shadow support Compute Farm Compute Farm, Part II confused in NM connecting linux and win95 Connecting up of a dumb terminal. Console resolution (Was Viewing bootup message) Counting.... Creative ViBRA16C PnP card with EMU 8000 Wave Table card cron fails following hamm upgrade cron/runq cross-compiling from LInux to SCO with Oracle curiosity Customizing TOP... Cyrix 586/100 ddd doesn't do a thing debian 1.3 & 3c905 boomerang Debian 1.3.1 CDROM install problem - VFS mount failed: 03:01 Debian 1.3.1 installation problem debian 2 Debian 2.0 Debian and FHS? Debian box go sleep now. Debian Installation Debian Linux and Non-Free Packages. Debian M68K on HP 300/400? Debian makes the link page at Debian on IBM Thinkpad 380ED (2635-5AU) Re: Debian on laptops; recommended? DEBIAN or REDHAT ? Debian people taking care of spam Debian Support for Fujitsu LifeBook 535T Notebook Re: debian-user-digest Digest V98 #193 Re: debian-user-digest Digest V98 #199 Dell Laptop (LM166) and sound Deltree command? Re: Deltrees device /dev/eth0 is missing dhcpcd problems... diagnosing smail The last update was on 08:59 GMT Wed Dec 14. There are 2647 messages. Page 1 of 6.

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