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Re: /dev/cua? and /dev/ttyS?

On Thu, 5 Feb 1998, John Kloss wrote:
> It is NOT obsolete. The only way that I can connect to my modem (which is
> a pcmcia card) is through /dev/cua1. I tried many times to connect to my
> ISP through /dev/ttyS1, 2, 3 (it should be 1 because that is what the com
> port is) and nothing happened. When I switched to /dev/cua1 everything
> worked.

If ttyS1 doesn't work it just means that something is set up wrong, or you
have an old version of Linux, or there's a bug. The cua devices do still
work, but they might disappear in the future. That's what's meant by
"deprecated" or "obsolete." So it's wrong for new programs/scripts to be
written which use the cua devices.

Havoc Pennington

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