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Cheap hardware for

I'm planning to build a new box in the next month or two.  It'll sit
between my 10Mbit ethernet line and my current machine.  I need to use
this (old) one to dual-boot to Win95 sometimes,  but I've become dependent
on linux to do email/web/etc.,  so I'll masquerade the Win95 machine
through the new one with the ethernet hub I bought last month.

Anyway,  the new machine needs to be stable and reliable.  I'm not
concerned that it be terribly fast -- I want it to be a mailserver,
apache server (for a _very_ low-demand site;  around 10 hits a day),  NFS
server (so I can share home directories,  etc.),  and to be able to run X
if neccessary,  but I'm not planning to use it as a workstation except
when my current machine's in Win95.

I was thinking Pentium100-166,  64 megs of SDRAM,  and SCSI would be a
good way to go -- are there any relatively inexpensive motherboards
with these sorts of reqs that someone might recommend?

Also,  I need a fairly cheap XFree86-compat graphics card.  Doesn't need
to be fancy or a speed deamon,  but I'd like to be able to do 1280x1064
on occaison.

If you have suggestions,  I'd be appreciative.  Thanks.


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