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3130B & 3c905 boomerang

i've installed debian 1.3 on a system with controller scsi DT3130b 6 eth card boomerang 3c905b.
I was not able to install on a floppy, so i decided to install on sda1 (scsi disk a partition 1).
The disk now is bootable and debian starts regularly but without detecting 3c905.

I downloaded kernel 2.0.32 from debian cd, and i installed it with boomerang support end scsi support for ncr53c8xx specifically.

I rebooted and when boot msg showed Donald Becker name i think that my pains were ended up.
But ...kernel now is unable to detect scsi and terrible 'scsi 0' msg arose.

Now, if i reboot with floppy i can't see eth0.

Plz, plz, plz someone can help me?  


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