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Re: /etc/printcap set up

On Mon, 2 Feb 1998, John Kloss wrote:

> I recently bought an HP Laser Jet 6L and I'm happy to say that it works
> beautifully with linux. After a little work I hacked together a perl
> script which will print ascii just fine and ghostscript allows me to do
> postscript and latex so I'm happy with that.
> The problem is I can't get lpr to recognize the filters I want to use. I
> know that lpr searches the /etc/printcap file to see how each printer is
> setup. Having read the Printing-HOWTO I was under the impression that I
> could add the filters I wanted in that file. Currently my /etc/printcap
> looks like this

Well, I can't help you the way you are trying to do things, but you do have
"apsfilter" for "lpr" and "magicfilter" for "lprng", apsfilter and magicfilter 
both work fine with my Canon BJ-4000 and I have seen apsfilter working fine with
a "HP Laser Jet" I don't know de model but anyway evreything goes through gs and
dvips and the other "standard" filters.

And with the filters the filter selection ocurs automagicaly.

Apsfilter is more configurable, so maybe you will like it best.

	Hoping to be helpfull

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