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Re: [S.u.S.E. Linux] Re: Which Linux distribution???

>> This is James from S.u.S.E.. Thanks to Tom Schaefer for the good
>> rundown.
>> [...]
>> I have found a great use for every distribution I have encountered and
>> > they're all good. ANY of the Linux distributions makes an excellent choice. (see
>> > http://www.linux.org check the distributions page)
>> Right, each person has their preference. One day we'll have a customer
>> who will consider a feature "awesome" and the next day someone will call
>> it "crap" depending on his needs and preferences. Beauty is in the eye
>> of the beholder. :)
>> [...]
>> get over it and support your distributor by becoming a subscriber.
>> > Keep these people in business. Linux is an emerging market and we need to support
>> > all of the distributors as best we can.  Stay with a distributor who is providing
>> > the kind of support that works for you.
>> Thanks, we definitely need that. Whenever I describe what we're doing to
>> people in more 'traditional' business sectors, they ask me how the heck
>> we survive by selling a product for $50 a pop that one can freely
>> distribute to as many people as they want. Luckily through the support
>> of the great Linux community we have been successful and that makes us
>> able to keep improving our product and expanding the role of Linux in
>> the world.
>> Also, I think we Linux providers are doing a good job at following a
>> "coop-etition" model. Sure we have healthy competition, but we are
>> trying to keep the #1 goal in mind--chip away at the M$ hegemony. I
>> think of it sort of like a political party. In a party, people will
>> debate and argue like crazy to make sure that the best ideas/features
>> come to the surface, but they have to always rally together at election
>> time and rally around the candidate. For us, we should have that same
>> healthy debate, but we can't let that distract us from the bigger goal.
>> So, with that said, I encourage you to debate like mad, but let's use it
>> to keep getting better and better rather than splitting us apart into
>> factions that avoid each other.
>> > The last thing we need in the Linux community is a big pissing contest about
>> > distributions. At current prices, you can afford to try ALL of them and still beat
>> > Microsloth!
>> Yep!

 There is no contest between MS and Linux. As Linus stated some time a go, the
 goal is .. 'World Domination, Fast' (not exact quote). I've assimilated ^H^H^HDebianized
 32 machines in 2 weeks. I intend to put The Penguin in all the machines I can.
 There is no competition.  

 We need stickers. A lot. 

 btw. Why doesn't SuSe use dpkg/deb? It's superior to anything I've seen.
 Just had to ask ;-)


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