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Re: books and debian distribs

In article <34DA17ED.BBAE46E4@rhombus.net>, T-SNAKE <tsnake@rhombus.net> wrote:
>I want to buy another book to be sort of a guide, when I don't have time to
>wait on a list answer or for good nighttime reading. ALL the book I saw,
>though, all come with RH or Slackware distribs. Are these CDs usefull to a
>debian user? I'd assume not.

20 Oct 1997: First Book on Debian Published

Linux Press has announced the publication of The Debian Linux User's Guide.
This 250 page book comes with the 2 CD-ROM Debian "Official" GNU/Linux 1.3.1,
a third CD-ROM with a customized version of Debian 1.3.1, and 30 Days of
E-mail Technical Support.

You can find more info, and an online-version of the book (in HTML - you
can even download it if you wish) at http://www.linuxpress.com/

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