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Re: /dev/hdc1 Mount & Permissions

On  1 Feb 98 at 11:18, Remco Blaakmeer wrote:
> On Sun, 1 Feb 1998, Art Lemasters wrote:
> >       Now, for the reason this is coming from my M$ OS.
> > I mounted a second, older hard drive to use as /home.
> > Although I set permissions for the one user (me) with
> > chown and chmod, I still do not have access to the
> > device (/dev/hdc1 mounted in /home).  Do any of you
> > have any ideas as to the cause or a solution?  I am a
> > newbie, using the stable (bo) distribution.
> Well, what does the 'mount' command say? How do the permissions look? Can
> you execute these commands (once with /home mounted and again with /home
> unmounted) and mail the output?
> mount
> ls -la /home

mount /dev/hdc1 /home

drw-rwx--- 4   username   root  1024  Jan  31 12:15   .
drwxr-xr-x 19  root           root   1024 Nov 27 20:05  ..
drw-rwx--- 13 username   root   1024 Jan   31 12:16 username
drw-rwx---   2 username   root  12288 Jan  31  10.16 lost + found

     I tried to send this upon receiving your generous reply,
but the listserv did not return the usual confirmation after
it was sent.  Apparently, it can not accept mail from my
root, even though I dial in through a dynamic IP.  Hmmmm...
That might be called a good feature!  Thanks for helping,

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