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books and debian distribs

Yup, I chose debian, but mainly because I got that distrib CD from boot
magazine, which I think grabbed hold of tons of people. Anyway, I like it so
far, though I don't have a lot or "other" linux experience.

Anyway, my point...
I want to buy another book to be sort of a guide, when I don't have time to
wait on a list answer or for good nighttime reading. ALL the book I saw,
though, all come with RH or Slackware distribs. Are these CDs usefull to a
debian user? I'd assume not.
OK, so, what would be a good book to act as a secondary to "Running Linux" -
Welsh & Kaufman (O'Reilly & Assc.). I like this book. The syntax and
representations are pretty well thought out and I don't get lost in the terms.
Are there ANY books that have debian distribs with them?
Why does it seem that sometimes Debian is like the annoying brother to RH and
SW? It doesn't get a lot of outward promotion and seems ignored. I never even
heard of it until I saw the boot issue.
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