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Re: "Hard Install"

On 02/09/98 at 07:31 PM, GVL@141.com (Gerald V. Livingston lI) said:

>Try replacing the CMOS battery.  I had one that would do strange  things
>when I shut it off - I figured if the battery got low enough  it would
>start going wierd on resets too.

Not the problem, unless of course 3 differant boxes all have bad
batteries, and it occurs mostly when Win95 freaks out, usually when
rebooting in "safe" mode due to improper shutdown.

Just one of many unexplained events MS certified techs tell me can't
happen, even if I reproduce the event before their eyes.  Blows my mind
when they watch me crash 95 and say that can't happen, it must be
hardware.  Then reproduce the crash on another box and hear that can't
happen, it must be some software.

Oh, well that's why I use other stuff at home.


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