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Re: Debian Support for Fujitsu LifeBook 535T Notebook

Check out 


for info and links to tons of Linux laptop info.

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On  2 Feb, Lee Rhoads wrote:
>>> Greetings!
>>> I have a Debian 1.2 CD from iConnect.  When I boot my Toshiba Tecra
>>> 730CDT laptop from the rescue floppy (either resq1440.bin or the new
>>> new-resq1440.bin) I get "Loading root.bin ............" and "Loading
>>> linux ............", and then the laptop reboots from the floopy,
>>> giving me the "boot:" prompt again.
>>> At http://www.cck.uni-kl.de/misc/tecra710/, Jens Maurer reports that
>>> his Tecra Laptop cannot load "bzImage" format kernels.  (He has
>>> submitted a kernel patch for this.)  Does the rescue floppy use a
>>> bzImage kernel?
>>> I do have a Debian 1.1.11 CD (PHT Nov 96 Monthly Archive), and I can
>>> boot from its installation boot and root disks.
>>> Will I be able to get a Debian 1.2 rescue floppy for this laptop?  If
>>> not, I can install 1.1 and then upgrade to 1.2.  Is it possible to
>>> shift to 1.2 part way through the installation, either by providing
>>> the 1.2 base disks or by substituting the 1.2 CD when I reboot, or do
>>> I need to run dselect on 1.1 before shift to the 1.2 upgrade?
>>> This problem does not affect loadlin.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Kirk Hilliard
> Hello everyone. I am brand new to Linux. I downloaded and then went to
> install Debian 1.3 on my Fujitsu LifeBook 535T notebook and found the
> exact same problem described here by Kirk Hilliard. My laptop re-boots
> indefinately, even if I boot off my Linux boot partition on my hard
> drive. Loadlin works fine but my intent is to have a "pure" Linux
> system. Could someone please help me with this? I would greatly
> appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Lee Rhoads
> lrhoads1@concentric.net

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