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Re: bo - Afterstep - colours

John Spence <jspence@lynx.net.au> writes:

> I only have 1meg video RAM and I run X at 1024x768 with 8bpp.
> I have a colour problem when I run Afterstep which results in the top 2
> wharf icons not displaying and causes Netscape to display in black and
> white.  This colour problem doesn't occur under any circumstances with the
> other w/managers.

You are simply running out of colors. With 8bpp you only have 256 colours,
and afterstep just uses too many of them (look at the gradient fills and

If you configure fvwm2 to use gradient fills and many colorfull icons, it
will run out of colors as well.

I am surprised that netscape even started. As it is another
colorhog. Although you can start it with the -install argument, so it uses
fewer colors.


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