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boot/mount more info and 2 more questions

OK, I got my /etc/fstab file here (mostly):
#<file system>    <mount point>    <type>    <options>  <dump>  <pass>
/dev/hda2            /              ext2      defaults    0       1
/dev/hda3            none           swap      sw          0       0
/dev/hda4            /usr           ext2      defaults    0       0
/dev/hdb2            /dos           msdos     defaults    0       0
proc                 /proc          proc      defaults    0       0

This sets off something that messes up paths somehow. Even during boot, I see
messeges about  ..../boot.d... command not found (forgot to write that part
down). And when I log in, even as root, I can't do much, because my paths are
all but gone. No X, no pico, nothing... just ls, shutdown and a few others
(that I've noticed). So, what could be wrong.
The version that works just fine is when I take out the hda4 and hdb2 mounts.

This strange thing happened to me this morning when I booted to get the fstab
info. It halted booting after these three lines:

VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) read only
INIT: verison 2.71 booting
INIT: PANIC: segmentation violation! giving up...

Well, I don't panic having been using 95 for a good amount of time and having
it dump, crash, choke and everything else on me. But what is this? I rebooted
with a floppy, logged in, then restarted without the floppy and it loaded
fine. Very strange... is this a common type thing I should just get used to?

Though my X setup hasn't met with a lot of success, it at least loads up and I
canget a few terms open. I haven't been able to figure out much yet, but
anyway, when I am in X (using xdm and I *think* fvwm2 (but I don't even know
how to tell for sure... there's WAY too many different files and configs, so
actually don't know what's controlling what) I can't seem to get out without
running a shutdown command in the term. If I ctrl-alt-bksp it exits to a
command prompt, but then goes right into another X session. HUH?!?! Am I
missing something here?

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