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Re: aha2920, "no disk found"

On 24 Feb 98 at 9:56, TW Kayos <kayos@ths.com> wrote:

[back and forth about deciding if 2920 is supported snipped]

This is a perfect example of why computers (any OS, any platform) are such 
a pain (can't find the one detail you need) and why the 'net is such a 
wonderful tool.

The hardware howto does in fact list the 2920 as supported.
However, the aic7xxx readme does NOT list the 2920.

Conclusion: 2920 is supported, but not by the aic7xxx driver.

I did some searching using Dejanews and the archives for this mailing 
list. Here's what I found:

The Adaptec 2920 is in fact a Future Domain TMC3260.

Windows 95 correctly identifies it as a Future Domain (score 1 for 

To use this SCSI adapter with Linux you need to use the fdomain driver 
*not* the aic7xxx driver.

At the LILO boot you should add
(These are my settings, YMMV)

or add the command to lilo.conf thusly:

The fdomain driver can be compiled into the kernal (recommended) or added 
as a module.

I don't have Linux (yet) on my box with the 2920. Would someone please 
confirm that my research is correct and that this procedure does in fact 

Richard B. Talley <olny@nmia.com>

"Anyone who slaps a 'this page is best viewed with Browser X' label on a Web page appears to
be yearning for the bad old days, before the Web, when you had very little chance of reading
a document written on another computer, another word processor, or another network."
-Tim Berners-Lee in Technology Review, July 1996 
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