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Re: "Hard Install"

On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, George R wrote:

> Man, after hearing all the horror stories of Linux installs I had to try
> ;)
> Well, not being a patient one I ftp'd the disk images for Debian.  Blew
> off the HOWTO's
> Total time(ftp, making disks from images, formating hard disk, scaning
> disk, and install) under 1.5 hrs.  One problem, I set up myself with the
> wrong user id.
> Now I have 2 users.  How do I kill one user?  Yes, I know RTM and the
> HOWTO's.
Look at the documentation for 'userdel'.
> That was easier than OS/2; about the same as DOS; tons easier than Win95. 
> What is the fuss about?
   You now have to maintain a system.  I know it's unheard of in Windows,
but that is who the fuss is from... I have no complaints here.

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