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Re: Automating PPP with cron?

Alex Yukhimets <aqy6633@acf5.nyu.edu> writes:

> > I would like to setup my system to do two things.
> > To check periodically to see if my PPP connection has died, and redial
> > my isp if it has.
> > And to disconnect and redial every 6 hours, (my isp doesn't like it if
> > you stay one more than 6 hours consecutively).
> > 
> > What would be the best way to go about implementing this, and how should
> > I start going about it?
> Add "persist" option to pppd.

And about the & hours disconnect/connect thing: You could kill pppd with a
cronjob, but this is rather a bad idea (in the case you are doing a
download at this moment :-). Maybe using diald is better. Never used it


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