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Re: Compute Farm, Part II

Craig Sanders wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Feb 1998, Tim Sailer wrote:
> > I guess I didn't explain real well the first time, although I enjoyed
> > the thread..
> >
> > On this compute farm, they want to make changes to 1 machine, as in
> > adding a package, changing a config file, etc and having the resultant
> > changes reflected on the other 199 machines, without having to go
> > to each machine and tweak it. Installing the machines will be a
> > short, but intense process, but they are looking for long range admin
> > solutions.
> isn't this sort of thing precisely what cfengine is for? cfengine is available as a debian package.

Doh! I knew there was something out there to do this. That's why I asked
the list. Looks like my brain is full.. when something new goes in, 
something old leaks out.. :)

> rdist/rsync/ssh can also be useful for remote admin too...
> BTW, what makes them think that RH can do this any easier than debian?

I have no idea. The guy who is spouting that nonsense is considered
a 'loose canon', but he's very vocal, and attracted a lot of attention.


>  Description: A tool for configuring and maintaining network machines
>   The main purpose of cfengine is to allow the system administrator
>   to create a single central file which will define how every host
>   on a network should be configured.

This is exactly what they need I think.

Thanks to everyone for the pointers!


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