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Re: A better backup (was: Re: Question re: splitting files)

dtm12@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu (Daniel Martin at cush) writes:

> Also, a one-bit error can ruin all files recorded after the error -
> not a great idea.  I really am surprised that there's no standard
> backup method for debian that:
> 1) backs up across multiple volumes
> 2) provides checksums for each file, and
> 3) allows compression on a file-by-file basis (i.e. allows creation of 
> an uncompressed archive of compressed files, which is less susceptible 
> to corruption than a compressed archive of uncompressed files)

If it is about reliable a reliable "floppy net", not about using as few
floppys as possible, then this article from c.o.l.a may be interesting:


Ras is a program that adds m extra files to a set of n files, such that the
contents of the n original files can, in most cases, be regenerated from any
n of the n+m original files and extra files. The extra files will all be
about 0.4 percent larger then the largest of the original files.

It can be used, for example, to store 10 floppy-disks worth of data on 15
floppies in such a way that the data can be recovered from *any 10* of 
the 15 floppies.  I use it to transport large files split over multiple
floppies in a manner resilient to the corruption of a few of the floppies.

More details at http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/nc/

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