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At 19:22 -0600 1998-02-23, Jeff Noxon wrote:
>On Mon, Feb 23, 1998 at 02:36:16PM -0800, Joel Klecker wrote:
>> At 20:23 +0100 1998-02-23, Peter Paluch wrote:
>> >I would like to ask - is there any package which enables routing using
>> >BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) ? I know that there is routed, but it
>> >doesn't seem to be able to use BGP.
>> gated, but there is no Debian package for it due to licensing[1] (there was
>> talk of doing an installer package, but nothing ever came of it). gated is
>> available at <http://www.gated.org/>.
>> [1] The gated consortium requires that groups who wish to distribute gated
>> apply for a distribution license, such a license is free, but the DFSG
>> requires that a license not be specifically for Debian.
>Could we then apply for a license and put it in non-free? It makes sense
>to me... People keep asking for gated. I'd like to play with it myself.

I mentioned this on IRC (irc.debian.org; #debian) and here's the response:
17:44:58: * Espy notes that someone on -user asked about something capable of BGP, I mentioned gated(along with the distribution license stuff), someone else mailed me wondering why someone doesn't get a license and put a gated package in non-free. Should I bring this up in -devel again?
17:45:55: <netgod> Espy: because a key part of gated has a license that you have to sign, to distribute it
17:46:17: <netgod> Espy: this is what prompted debian to form a formal board of directors, who then decided debian wasnt going to sign any such document --
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