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Re: any debianized CAD programs?

kotsya@u.washington.edu (David Stern) writes:

> Are there any debianized CAD programs?  I'm running hamm, and I don't 
> see any.
> I've looked at Linux Woven Goods, but found one commercial, one 
> pre-alpha, and one who's website I couldn't connect to.
> -- 

You may want to look at SAL, Scientific Applications on Linux,




or (look in the above urls for others mirrors)

CAD, Drawing & Painting Tools   ( Commercial,  Shareware,  GPL) 

       angela!  -- a mouse-driven editor to help you creating graphs. 
   AOCP -- enhanced version of Deluxe Paint IIe v3.0. 
   bomb  -- an interactive graphics program. 
   CEDRAT's Software  -- a complete line of CAD programs for electromechanical and thermal engineering. 
   CorelDraw  -- graphics program featuring type control, drawing power and special effects. 
   Dive -- a internet-based multi-user virtual reality system. 
   draw-call-graph  -- transforms a call graph in text form into postscript or LaTeX source file. 
   Drawing editors based on ivtools -- extensions to InterViews and its drawing editor (idraw). 
   EMA-XPS  -- a hybrid graphic expert system shell. 
   EnvDraw -- an environment diagramming package. 
   ffGraph  -- a C++ class library to create, manipulate and display 2 or 3 dimensional directed graphs. 
   Gfig -- a "vector like" drawing plug-in for the gimp. 
   GIGVIZ  -- 3D design visualization software for designers, engineers, architects and CAD users. 
   GIMP -- a Ph*t*Shop-alike photo-editing, painting, and image manipulation package. 
   Ginger (under development) -- an interactive graph editor. 
       Graph Applet -- a basic tool for playing around with graphs. 
   GraphEd -- graph editor with support for graph grammars. 
   Graphlet -- a toolkit for implementing graph editors and graph drawing algorithms. 
   graphviz -- tools for viewing and interacting with graph diagrams. 
   GYVE  -- a project to develop a drawing program in the spirit of Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. 
   Hydra -- distributed multi-user computer aided physics and engineering package. 
   Interactive Graph Drawing -- a Java-based system for doing interactive graph drawing on the WWW. 
   IPAD  -- an interactive GUI vector drawing package based on a multiplatform tool. 
   Ipe -- a drawing editor for creating figures for LaTeX documents. 
   ICAADS CAD Systems  -- a set of high-end software for CAD and AEC applications. 
   LDS Draw -- a Logical Data Structure (LDS) editor. 
   MicroStation 95  -- professional software for enterprise-scale engineering projects. 
   The NELSIS CAD Framework -- enables tool integrators to build design engineering environments. 
   OpenDesigner  -- a project to develop a fully extendable CAD application. 
   PadDraw -- a zoomable drawing application written using the Pad++ widget. 
   Picasso -- an interactive drawing tool based on Tcl/Tk. 
   PO  -- Linux svgalib painting program. 
   SISCAD-P  -- 2D CAD system for engineers. 
   TCM -- a suite of graphical editors. 
   Tgif -- interactive 2D drawing facility. 
   tkdraw -- a very simple drawing tool. 
   VCG TOOL -- reads a textual specification of a graph and visualizes the graph. 
   VGJ  -- a tool for graph drawing and graph layout written in Java. 
   VRMLplot.m -- a MATLAB macro for generating 3D VRML graphs and animations. 
   Unidraw -- a C++ class library for 2D structured graphics, dataflow, etc. 
   Xfig -- a tool that allows user to manipulate objects interactively. 
   XPaint -- simple color image editing tool. 
   YADE  -- an extensible and configurable program for editing different kinds of diagrams. 

   Also Check Out: 
   daVinci -- an interactive graph visualiztion system. 
   VARKON -- open general purpose interactive modeling system. 
   Varimetrix VX  -- engineering and manufacturing CAD/CAM/CAE tools. 


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