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Re: [S.u.S.E. Linux] Re: Which Linux distribution???


This is James from S.u.S.E.. Thanks to Tom Schaefer for the good


I have found a great use for every distribution I have encountered and
> they're all good. ANY of the Linux distributions makes an excellent choice. (see
> http://www.linux.org check the distributions page)

Right, each person has their preference. One day we'll have a customer
who will consider a feature "awesome" and the next day someone will call
it "crap" depending on his needs and preferences. Beauty is in the eye
of the beholder. :)


get over it and support your distributor by becoming a subscriber.
> Keep these people in business. Linux is an emerging market and we need to support
> all of the distributors as best we can.  Stay with a distributor who is providing
> the kind of support that works for you.

Thanks, we definitely need that. Whenever I describe what we're doing to
people in more 'traditional' business sectors, they ask me how the heck
we survive by selling a product for $50 a pop that one can freely
distribute to as many people as they want. Luckily through the support
of the great Linux community we have been successful and that makes us
able to keep improving our product and expanding the role of Linux in
the world.

Also, I think we Linux providers are doing a good job at following a
"coop-etition" model. Sure we have healthy competition, but we are
trying to keep the #1 goal in mind--chip away at the M$ hegemony. I
think of it sort of like a political party. In a party, people will
debate and argue like crazy to make sure that the best ideas/features
come to the surface, but they have to always rally together at election
time and rally around the candidate. For us, we should have that same
healthy debate, but we can't let that distract us from the bigger goal.
So, with that said, I encourage you to debate like mad, but let's use it
to keep getting better and better rather than splitting us apart into
factions that avoid each other.

> The last thing we need in the Linux community is a big pissing contest about
> distributions. At current prices, you can afford to try ALL of them and still beat
> Microsloth!



James Gray

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