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bo - Afterstep - colours

Yes, this might be a tad off-topic but...

I have  3 window managers installed on my bo system. All 3 are the
versions that came with the 1.3.1 CD set. They are fvwm95, fvwm2 and

I only have 1meg video RAM and I run X at 1024x768 with 8bpp.

I have a colour problem when I run Afterstep which results in the top 2
wharf icons not displaying and causes Netscape to display in black and
white.  This colour problem doesn't occur under any circumstances with the
other w/managers.

Yes, I can run at 16bpp and this doesn't happen but I can only get
a resolution of 800x600 at this colour depth.

Could this be a problem that is Afterstepish or one that is peculiar to
the Afterstep version that came with Bo ?

John Spence <jspence@lynx.net.au>  http://www.lynx.net.au/~jspence

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