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Re: [Q] Multi-instalation procedure?

Pedro Quaresma de Almeida <pedro@mat.uc.pt> writes:

> I whant to install debian linux in six (6) PCs (all have the same
> hardware).
> It is possible to copy an instalation?

(This is just my opinion of the best way to do it.)

If you get everything set up as you want on one PC and the hard drives
are identical, you can put the installed drive and the new drive on
the second IDE controller of another PC and copy from one to the other
with something like:

# dd if=/dev/hdc of=/dev/hdd

If the drives aren't quite the same, install everything on the
smallest drive, then create partitions the same size on the others and 
copy them indiviually:

# dd if=/dev/hdc1 of=/dev/hdd1
# dd if=/dev/hdc2 of=/dev/hdd2

You will need to reconfigure all the machine specific info, like
/etc/hostname, /etc/init.d/network, and all the smail setup.  You
could probably do this by hand; when Digital Domain set up 100 Alphas
to do the effects for Titanic, they wrote a script.

I the second example, you'll probably also need to re-run LILO.

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