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(ot) tibook screenshot.. -msoft-float ? /etc/power/pwrctl-local vs anacron /sbin/trackpad 2.4.15-pre7-ben0, console and lost lines 2.4.16 clock off by 1 month 2.4.16-ben0 DVD block i/o breaks mouse, pmu 2.4.17-pre2-ben0 fixes recent problems 2.4.x kernel crashing 3.0.18 testing needed 4 package(s) to rebuild on powerpc/stable 43P-140 install guide [Fwd: failed install : bf 3.0.17 ppc (powermac)] Re: [PATCH] Minor changes to control/imstt/platinum/valkyrie/atyfb Re: [SID] Keymap under X - solved for me [XFree86] Trouble w/ ADB Keyboard And Mouse Ack. Sorry. airport suddenly not working? pump or kernel problem? Antw: Re: PowerPC boot images Antw: Re: RS/6000 43P-140 install AppleScript debian floppy maker script armagetron AW: shutdown -h hangs on pismo Beige G3 and USB Mouse Re: Beige G3 and USB Mouse [solved] Black screen of death (OldWorld Mac) boot installer from usb Booting Debian on oldworld G3 Booting into Linux on OldWorld Mac Booting OSX after installing Debian and other buttons in X Bug#122283: ilu build failure on PowerPC Re: Bug#122750: serial console trouble Re: Bug#123015: Help with #123015 on cooledit Re: Bug#123867: coin fails to build from source on powerpc (at least) Re: Buildd Failures Update call for testers: new-powermac installer (yes, this means you!) Can't run atalkd. console help on ~, @, [, ] Continued problems booting Debian on oldworld G3 cooledit segfault on powerpc (was Re: Help with #123015 on cooledit) Curious Boot Messages debian (sid) Debian ISO/Disc Burner/Newbie ? Re: Detecting state of iBook gmac ethernet Did anybody succed in installing bf-3.0.17 on a newworld ? Dual booting OSX and Debian on G3 beige Error compiling latest benh evolution failure gnomecal failing Hello, and a utter-newbie question... Help with #123015 on cooledit I need to configure quik ibook in deep coma since 2.4.17-pre1-ben0 iBook2 keyboard ... iBook2 touch pad mouse Re: iBook2 VGA mirror IGNORE PREVIOUSRe: Continued problems booting Debian on oldworld G3 Install on a Wallstreet 300 Installation on a Cube Installing Debian 3.0 onto an Apple TiBook (Hi Branden R.) Re: installing debian on ppc iPod kde install kernel: make config for ibook2 keyspan vs benh kernel kswapd crashed - what's wrong here? m3mirror, ati r28 dualhead, TiPBG4 question m3mirror... Mac aliases under linux mac-fdisk(8) man page revision [included] misc. woes Re: modem and internet connexion pb, still modem and internet connexion pb, still. modem-connexion pb, solving.... modem-internet connection pb modem-internet connexion pb, following MOL and kernel 2.4.17 mol and woody and 2.4.10-ben0 mozilla on sid Mozilla problems after testing update this morning? no DHCP with 2.4 No offb in kernel-image-2.4.16-powerpc NUBUS 7100 sound problems Nubus Powermacs' kernel patch nvidia driver on powermac opengl hardware acceleration on ibook2 OS 10.1 upgrade CD packages wanted Patches for laptop owners pb1400cs XF86Config potato->woody pbg4 modem wakup PCMCIA lockups on 2.4.17-pre2-ben0 Please rebuild samba 2.0.7-4 for potato please test evolution 1.0 pmud on post install lib woes... Potato 2.2_rev4 cd iso not bootable? Power Mac G4 Nvidia X driver. PowerBook G4 1 Firmware Update? PowerPC boot images Re: PPC blackdown JDK... any news? Re: PPC build logs Precompiled kernel for G3/266 Desktop needed Problem installing Debian on B&W G3 Server Problems with the mace driver and recent (2.4) kernels Re: Questions about your iBook? Resetting dselect RS/6000 43P-140 install S-Video out on TiG4 Segfault compiling kernels shutdown -h hangs on pismo single button mouse and Apple Keyboard II Sound broken in KDE again Stable kernel tree Strange network problem strong clicks from the hd telnetd timing out? Ti PBG4, can't get PCMCIA working TiBook IrDA -> Pocket PC tiBook2 radeon vid ststus? Trouble with XFree Trying to use new kernel from ben0 Unidentified subject! updatedb+checksecurity are killing my battery Upgrading Mac-side kernel for BootX Using system disk Video acceleration with GATOS - ati.2 what is libc6 2.2.4-6.0.1 in ppc? What is the meaning of -rc1- in BenH's 2.4.x kernel? Woody base disks? Woody floppy install on OldWorld Mac Woody install: Black Screen of Death (OldWorld Mac) x keyboard issue Re: X on Quicksilver G4 X with 16 Bit ... The last update was on 11:14 GMT Sun May 08. There are 535 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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