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Re: Beige G3 and USB Mouse

On Sat, Dec 15, 2001 at 05:42:27PM -0500, Mike Melvin wrote:
> On 12/15/01 5:51 AM, "Chris Tillman" <toff@azstarnet.com> wrote:
> > No, stick with bootX.
> Thanks, I'd be happy to!
> > The X server handles the mouse (and infact all hardware) independently
> > of the way the console handles it. gpm is intended to make the mouse
> > available in console mode, but only a few console applications can
> > grok it. What results are you expecting?
> I am expecting the mouse to work in console mode. Links understands it, mc
> understands it, and you can even copy and paste on the console. I'd like to
> have this functionality. Plus, if I can get it to work with gpm, that will
> tell me what I need to know to make it to work with X.
> Are there any specific kernel modules I should be looking for? Is that even
> relevant? I would imagine the kernel distributed with the Debian-iMac
> package would have USB activated, since the iMac has no ADB...

Well here's the deal: I put the debian-imac package together from the
2.2r3 Debian release. There aren't any differences except it's
packaged in a .sit and includes a little help on how to get it booted
from the hard disk.

Thsu, the kernel is the same April '01 2.2.19 kernel that was
distributed on the CDs. I don't know what it has built-in; but I know
it worked with my iMac without any changes. For sure, it has ADB
keycodes enabled. This is a long discussion I'm unqualified to pursue.

In any case, I have a normal Mac single-button mouse; gpm works for
mc, jed, etc. It also works in X... your challenge is to find the
config that works for the particular mouse you have. I don't think
it's a kernel module, just a config... but I've been wrong before.
> However, /proc/bus/usb is empty, making it seem like I should be looking
> quite _lower_ than gpm. Although from what I've learned, if that directory
> exists, then the kernel has USB compiled in, so hopefully I don't have to
> learn how to recompile my kernel yet (though I intend to once I have a
> satisfactory Debian system)
> ...a bit later and a tad more educated...
> OK, I mounted usbdevfs, which seemed to make sense as to why USB wasn't
> working, but other than putting the expected stuff in my /proc/bus/usb
> directory (a 001 directory, and a device and driver file), it made no
> difference. Before and after mounting usbdevfs, (which may already have been
> mounted, although I didn't check my fstab or df -a), I get the following
> message upon plugging in any USB device:
> usb.c: USB new device connect assigned device number 2
> usb_control/bulk_msg: timeout
> usb_ohci.c: unlink URB timeout!
> usb.c: USB device not accepting new address (error=-110)
> usc.c: USB new device connect, assigned number -1
> usb.c: USB new device not accepting new address (error=-12)
> usb.c: USB disconnect on device -1
> The message is the same regardless of the device. Devices tried:
> IntelliMouse Explorer, Microtek Scanmaker X6, a self-powered hub, and a
> Keyspan PDA adapter. The first line appears instantly, the rest appear about
> a second later.
> > In other words, if you really are interested in using the mouse in X
> > applications, there's no need to muck around with gpm. In the most
> > recent revision changelog to the X packages, Branden says
> > (paraphrasing) if you insist on using gpm, you're on your own getting
> > the mouse to work in X. That's because gpm imterrupts X's access to
> > the hardware (as understand it).
> I thought that this was only an issue with pre-4.x versions of XFree86, and
> that 4.x could actually be pointed at /dev/gpmdata. However if that is not
> the case, I have no problem turning gpm off before I start X.

Hopefully Branden will weigh in here.

> > For X, you need to set the mouse configuration to
> > /dev/input/mice. Don't add any nodes, etc. But definitely get the
> > latest version of X, like 4.1.0 something, it has much better support
> > of X for powerpc.
> I will after I have a functional mouse :)
> (Until that point I have no interest in any sort of gui)
> > There are reams of information available on how to configure X, and
> > particular mice. Have you checked /usr/share/doc/HOWTO/en-txt and
> > .../HOWTO/en-txt/mini? How about /usr/share/doc/xserver-xfree86?
> I checked the HOWTO's and mini-HOWTO's before posting to the list, and found
> only one article relevant to mouse setup. However, this was for 3 button
> serial mice, and had nothing to do with USB. I have also searched Google and
> usenet (via Google) and although I found several instances similar (or
> exactly the same) as my case, none of them seemed to ever be solved with the
> successful results published. (I assume they either gave up or the knowledge
> is so arcane they feel mere mortals are better off figuring it out
> themselves).
> Finally, I checked linux-usb.org, and the only suggested solution there was
> that I didn't have the hotplug scripts installed. Indeed I did not. I
> installed them, started them up with a "/etc/init.d/hotplug start", and
> everything still acted as it always had. It clearly sees the mouse, but
> doesn't know what to do with it or how to talk to it right.


> Granted, I still haven't tried everything I know how to do yet, but it is
> just a _mouse_ yet the configuration possibilities seem _endless_. As much
> as I detest the speed of OS X, I have to hand it to Apple now for supporting
> USB on a machine that didn't originally have USB.
> Please help! ;)

It's beyond me...

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