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Re: 3.0.18 testing needed

FYI, here's the full changelog for 3.0.18, if that helps for testers.

...Adam Di Carlo..<adam@onshore-devel.com>...<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

boot-floppies (3.0.18) unstable; urgency=low
  * we are still building against unstable since there some things there
    that we need and the build doesn't seem to work too well using
    packages from woody

  * this version introduces i18n for the following architectures:
    i386 (for the flavors compact, idepci, reiserfs and udma100-ext3, which
          have kernel framebuffer support)
  * David Kimdon
    - report failure if dhclient cannot configure the interface,
      closes: #109455
    - more Danish documentation and messages thanks to
      Claus Hindsgaul <claus_h@image.dk>
    - lots and lots of Danish translations thanks to Morten Bo Johansen
      and  Claus Hindsgaul <claus_h@image.dk>
    - fr.po update thanks to Martin Quinson <Martin.Quinson@ens-lyon.fr>
    - remember gateway on the second pass through network configuration
    - fix badly broken language chooser, closes: #120637
    - on i18n builds put libnewt-utf8-0 on rootdisk in place of libnewt0
    - fix i386 build rules so the modules on the rootdisk match the kernel
  * Claus Hindsgaul
    - fixups for MSG-NO and MSG-YES, new entities for defaults.ent, remove
      orphaned dbootstrap.sgml form doc-check
    - replace "ø" (unsupported in CP437) in Danish boot messages with
      Swedish "ö", and remove da from the latin1 list in conf, since
      it did not seem to work anyway.
    - Small spelling errors in english boot-new.sgml.
    - Danish documentation updates, thanks to Morten Bo Johansen
    - updated Italian dbootstrap translation by Eugenia Franzoni
    - modify 'make lint-docs' to verify all architectures
      modify 'make lint-all-lang-docs' to verify all architectures
      remove 'make lint-all-arch-all-lang-docs' (use lint-all-lang-docs)
    - Update URLs to kernel-traffic and "Definition of Open Source"
    - Initial Danish release-notes translation.
  * Stefan Gybas
    - use $ldlib in mklibs.py
    - s390: use mklibs.py instead of mklibs.sh for library reduction
    - include lsmod on initrd
    - include ASCtoEBC and EBCtoASC in partbl_ibm.c, they are no longer in
    - fixed detection of point-to-point interfaces
    - s390: rewrote netsetup to be more modular, each network module can
      now provide a module specific script in /usr/share/netsetup/ for
      the chandev/module parameter configuration
    - s390: install netsetup.sh as sbin/netsetup
    - s390: don't modify etc/passwd on the initrd any longer
    - s390: reduce initrd size as modules from a second initrd are now
      symlinked instead of copied.
    - s390: Always offer to format a newly attached DASD to avoid problems
      if a previously used VM minidisk was resized
    - s390: Make /sbin/fdisk a symlink to fdasd
    - s390: Don't ask for bad block scan when formatting a DASD
    - use $MIRRORS instead of $s390_url to download the s390 udeb kernel
    - s390: Copy /root/.profile from s390-specials instead of changing
      the one from base-files
    - s390: use mini-inetd from the tcputils package instead of netkit-inetd
    - s390: Use grep, ping and hostname from busybox >=1:0.60.2-2. This
      version fixed a bug in grep's return code for binary files
    - s390: Use ifconfig instead of ifup in netsetup.sh
    - various other minor s390 fixes
  * Adam Di Carlo
    - internationalization turned on for i386; closes: #80942
    - work out a stripped down list of languages to include on the
      root disk when we're in i18n mode:
           en pt de pl fr es ja sv it hu
      this can be set in the top-level 'config' file;
      my choices here were based on the linux users per country data at
    - fix a number of other i18n build issues
    - kernel updates:
      alpha uses 2.2.20 kernel images
      sparc moved to 2.2.20; sun4u moved to 2.4.16
      i386 moved to 2.2.20
      powerpc still at 2.2.19 because pcmcia-modules-2.2.20-pmac not available
    - config: Danish added to list of available languages
    - powerpc build was broken in last version, removing yaboot.conf which
      is now in CVS and not downloaded at build time
    - fix some root*.bin build dependancy problems
    - i386 reiserfs and udma100-ext3 flavors were not being built with
      revext set properly, thus they were not getting the proper pcmcia
      modules and such, closing part of #118999
    - i386 release.sh: split images-2.88 as its own tarball,
      bf-common*.tar.gz was getting too large
    - bogl-related stuff must be 0.1.8-1 or better
    - in i136/i18n build, don't allow libnewt*-pic packages, it's a mixed
      i18n and non-i18n build
    - dbootstrap: when you mount a root partition with /lib/modules on it,
      we adjust the rootdisk /lib/modules to it and run depmod -a; this
      helps when you're restarting an aborted installation
    - dbootstrap: suppress msg to testers if we're 'quiet'
    - dbootstrap: clear the screen properly in i18n and non-i18n
    - normal doc build uses docs.stamp to prevent it from getting rebuilt
      all the time in incremental builds
  * Ethan Benson
    - recent portability patch to mklibs.py requires python 2 so
      Build-depend on python-dev (>= 2.1.1-4), python2.1-xml
    - fix utilities/dbootstrap/langs/Makefile: PYTHON_VERSION=2.1
    - mklibs.py now seems to work on powerpc, use it now
    - patch base-config to stop destroying data without permission
      FIXME: need to review what ethan did here
  * Christian T. Steigies
    - do not ship outdated m68k quickinstall docs
    - m68k uses 2.2.20 kernel-images
  * Carlos Barros: Spanish updates
  * David Martinez: Spanish updates
  * Andre Luis Lopes: Portuguese updates
  * Gerhard Tonn
    - s390 changes: make netsetup.sh more quiet and save gateway information  
           from initial netsetup 
  * Phil Blundell
    - fall back to single language mode if fbcon isn't available at runtime
    - fix naming of sparc driver disks in dbootstrap, closes: #118557
    - enable language chooser for ARM
    - try to fix unloading of pcmcia modules, closes: #120480
    - warn the user if trying to install on a machine with too little RAM
    - revert to using zip for ARM build of riscpcs install kit
    - enable kmod while modconf is running, closes: #78750
    - correct path to root.bin in udma100-ext3 install.bat, closes: #122869
    - added i386-specials/mini-iso.sh for bootable CD creation; 
      this is just for your enjoyment, not officially provided or 
      supported by anyone
    - try harder to suppress modconf i18n in UTF-8 environment, 
      closes: #121186
    - stop LC offering languages that have no catalog
    - improve layout of net-fetch dialog box when i18n in use,
      closes: #123385
  * Chris Tillman
    - add notes for single-language builders, powerpc-specials always en
    - reorganize floppy booting section, add boot-floppy-hfs, 
      closes: #121065 
    - add keyboard choice and append= line (tks Branden),
      closes: #122407
    - add Sun workstation clues, closes: #72479
    - increase memory needed for powerpc to 16M
    - add doc entities for kernel-version & default-2.2
    - add note about possibly too much memory
    - cleanup release notes and put in chronological order
    - add note for broken OldWorld G3's - System Disk utility
    - add BootX instructions for booting the installer,
      closes: #123571, #123623
  * Stephen Marenka
    - i386 and powerpc specifics for replacing kernel on rescue floppy
  * Pawel Tecza: updated Polish translation of dselect-beginner
  * Jordi Mallach
    - Catalan translation of dbootstrap and bootdisk help screens.
    - updates to rescue disk messages.
    - Catalan translation of Install Manual (Antoni Bella, Ingrid Peiró and
  * Guido Günther
    - mips documentation updates
    - add mips-specials/.cvsignore
    - set notInstalledLILO=0 after running dvhtool
    - don't call make_boot_floppy on mips(el)
  * Eduard Bloch:
    - set a sticky reference to /boot/boot-menu.b, since newer lilo packages
      create the symlink in the postinst and this may fail,
      closes: #122184
    - minor de.po updates
    - corrected the memory size in the no-swap warning message, 
      closes: #123167
  * Mark van Walraven:
    - dbootstrap: when mounting on /var/tmp, use special perms, just like
      we do on /tmp
    - dbootstrap create user settings files on target root during kernel
      install step, instead of when target root is first mounted
  * Richard Hirst:
    - hppa now uses libc 2.2.4
  * Junichi Uekawa:
    - Japanese translation updates for ja.po
    - change utilities/dbootstrap/langs/japanese.src to a decent content.
  * Matt Kraai:
    - don't ask about 2.0 filesystem compatibility on mips, 
      closes: #122940
    - don't talk about virtual consoles if using a serial console,
      closes: #122719
    - don't let ioctl.save mess up serial console settings, 
      closes: #122720 
  * Andre Luis Lopes <andrelop@ig.com.br>: Brazilian updates
  * John H. Robinson, IV:
    - proper extract/base list selection for i386 flavors
    - udbootstrap now checks if console is serial or not, closes: #123661
    - added quiet flag for mkreiserfs, so it does not use so much tty
      output. significant speed increase.

 -- Adam Di Carlo <aph@debian.org>  Fri, 14 Dec 2001 12:12:19 -0500

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