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Re: Stable kernel tree

    >> Excuseme  for my  poor information:  my iBook  is the  old  model (the
    >> orange   one)   and  I   have   a   kernel   2.4.14  working   (quite)
    >> fine. Everything  is good with this but  when i compiled it  I put the
    >> support for hfs file system as  module and so ybin doesn't work; now I
    >> have no more the source for this and new sources doesn't work for me.

    Derrik> You don't need HFS filesystem support in the kernel. The ybin installer
    Derrik> (now part of the Yaboot package) uses the userspace HFS tools (hfsutils)
    Derrik> for creating the HFS filesystem and copying files for the bootstrap
    Derrik> partition.

Are you talking about the -M command line option? 

I tried to use but I got nothing.... 


clementino:~# ybin -M -v
ybin: Interrupt caught ... exiting

clementino:~# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by    Tainted: P 
hfs                    85292   0  (unused)
nvram                   1984   0  (autoclean)
pmac_nvram             11984   0  (autoclean) [nvram dmasound_pmac]

clementino:~# uname -a
Linux clementino 2.4.14-pre2-ben0 #4 Sun Oct 28 10:24:19 CET 2001 ppc unknown

And I  hear something (again my  information are poor,  sorry) about a
little bug in yaboot/ybin using them on kernels with hfs support built
like module. 

P.S. : this is the best kernel  I got for my iBook old version because
       this the only problem. All the other features are going good.

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