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telnetd timing out?


This isn't powerpc specific but I perhaps someone knows where I might
be able to look to fix a property of (probably) telnetd:

It closes my connections after a long period of inactivity.

I have another box running Debian-i386 and I can leave telnet running
it all day - not touching a key - and the telnet connection stays
up. But when I telnet into my ppc box and do not use the connection
for a few hours the connection is automatically closed.

Is it possible another deamon is sweeping the system or something
looking for idle connections (this is a via an ethernet
connection/local LAN/not ppp)? I looked at /etc/inetd.conf at the
telnetd line but it's normal (no flags with telnetd).

Any ideas?

One more thing, I'm using dselect now on the PPC machine and it just
tried to install gom-ct; this always throws my machine into a stall.
I got out of it by killing the process and hitting ctrl-c at the
menu. This is really a report.

Thank you,

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