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Re: iBook2 keyboard ...

On Wed, 2001-12-12 at 23:58, William R Sowerbutts wrote:

> 1. The Caps Lock key doesn't send key up/key down events like a PC-style caps
>    lock key, so I can't remap it to Ctrl.
>    This turned out to be half true. It does send the events, but they're sent
>    in a slightly odd manner (and are indistinguishable from, say, hitting the
>    power button on this machine). I have written a small kernel patch to work
>    around this and make the Caps Lock key behave like a standard PC caps lock
>    key; it works great for me now!

Does your patch also address the problems discussed here earlier? If
yes, it would probably be a good idea to submit it to
benh@kernel.crashing.org and/or linuxppc-dev@lists.linuxppc.org .

> 2. The keyboard sometimes "misses" events. Most annoying is when it misses a
>    "key up" event. Eg, I press and release the right cursor key, but it misses
>    the "right cursor key up" event and my cursor keeps scrolling to the right
>    until I hit the key again. No solution for this one yet -- anyone?

AFAIR this started happening with the new input layer (or Linux
keycodes?). Might give a hint where to look.

> 3. The left/right "pretzel" buttons map to the same keycodes, so I can't remap
>    one to be, say, the right mouse button, without losing the other as well.
>    Any ideas??

The hardware probably generates the same keycode for both so not much
can be done about it.

> 4. Function keys: The function keys have two modes of operation. In the
>    standard mode, they behave as system control keys ("LCD brightness up",
>    "Volume up", etc). When I press the magic [Fn] key, they turn into the
>    F1,F2,...F12 keys. Under MacOS 9 there's a little control panel I can use
>    to swap this behaviour over -- so they normally behave as F1...F12 and I
>    have to use [Fn]+Key to get the system control behaviour. I assume that
>    MacOS toggles a bit in the PMU by sending a magic ADB command or
>    something?? Weird-ass Apple voodoo. Anyway, I want this behaviour but the
>    machine seems to periodically "forget" (it requires a power-off, at
>    least) and returns to the default behaviour. Which is annoying. Is there
>    a userspace tool which I can run on powerup to send the magic ADB voodoo?

Yes, someone posted such a tool here some time ago.

> Additionally, this machine seems to periodically time-warp to 1904 -- I assume
> that it has no internal battery to power the RTC when the battery and mains
> power is disconnected?

Bingo. Something like ntp is your friend.

Earthling Michel Dänzer (MrCooper)/ Debian GNU/Linux (powerpc) developer
XFree86 and DRI project member   /  CS student, Free Software enthusiast

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