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Re: Mac aliases under linux

At 22:31 Uhr -0700 01.12.2001, Chris Tillman wrote:
The short answer, is the kernel module doesn't even know resource
forks are there.

That's not correct - assuming you both talk about the hfs kernel module. When you mount a hfs module, the kernel shows the resource forks in files located in subdirs called .resource or something. (It's just that the rest of unix doesn't know what to do with the resource forks. Except tools like netatalk, mkhybrid, ..) The problem is also that mac aliases are very complicated things, they generally need the file id number of the directory the target is in (or some relative path is based upon), thus resolving aliases under linux would probably either require that dir numbers are somehow mapped to unix inode numbers, or that the whole mac partition is scanned for the appropriate dir. (Well I really enjoyed unix symlinks when I converted from MacOS to linux - no more uncontrollable behaviour, esp. Mac's "Editions" where really f*cked up because of those aliases)


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