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Re: updatedb+checksecurity are killing my battery

> > You could add a test "[-x /usr/sbin/anacron] && exit" or something like
> > that into on_ac_power and not a dependency but a suggest for anacron.
> Neither of this is even needed. I have no idea how Michael came to think
> on_ac_power would depend on anacron in any way. ;) anacron uses

Must be the documentation that's available for on_ac_power. :-)

> on_ac_power to determine whether it should run the cronjobs or not.

OK, thanks for spelling that out, finally. Since on_ac_power is normally
provided by apmd and pmud conflicts with apmd I see no problem adding the
script. I'd like to wait for snooze to become Unix domain socket aware
before releasing 0.10 though.


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