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Re: Can't run atalkd.

At 11:27 AM +0100 12/18/01, Leandro Noferini wrote:
    >> I don't have any extra NIC's in my setup - eth0 is also used
    >> for IP stuff.
>> I'm pretty sure I compiled the 2.4.16 with appletalk support as a module.

Wilhelm> But you probably didn't include DDP. DDP is the underlying protocol
    Wilhelm> for Appletalk.

Are talking about # CONFIG_IPDDP ?

I thought this protocol was to encapsulate tcp on netatalk net.

No, I think I've confused myself here. I had thought there was a seperate config option for DDP in the kernel, but now going back and looking at my .config, I see I just have CONFIG_ATALK=m. CONFIG_APPLETALK (which I have commented out) appears to be drivers for the rare PC LocalTalk cards that existed (or at least that's what I'm guessing).
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