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Re: Installation on a Cube

On Sun, 2 Dec 2001, Mark Brown wrote:

> Any suggestions?  If there's any more diagnostic information that would
> be useful I'd be happy to provide this.

When booting, the system should come to a 'boot:' prompt. Type 'debian
video=ofonly' at the prompt, this should force the (admittedly aging)
kernel to use the OpenFirmware console device, which won't be fast, but
will be enough to get you booted and interacting with the console.

Also, if you have any "unusual" (i.e., non-HID) USB devices plugged into
the system, I recommend unplugging them before you try to boot up the
system - the USB code in the boot-floppies kernels is old, and many
devices give it severe indigestion.

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