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Re: Dual booting OSX and Debian on G3 beige

On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 08:52:59AM +0000, Wayne Pascoe wrote:
> Chris Tillman <tillman@azstarnet.com> writes:
> Partition 6 has never been the root partition. Partition 6 is my MacOS
> HFS partition with OSX installed on it.
> > What's happening is what quik is warning you about when you run it. By
> > default, quik finds the first bootable partition on a disk and tries
> > to mount it as root, and find a kernel there, etc.

Can you use mac-fdisk to reorder the partition map to solve the problem?

.....Question to the list as well as suggestion..........


(there might be something in the list archives regarding moving Apple_bootstrap type

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