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Re: iBook2 touch pad mouse

I should mention that under OS9 its ok, and under OSX its is nearly perfect. 
So I can only guess that it is how gpm( et. al.) is handling the signals from 
it. It really is a horrible experience having to use the track pad, I am 
hoping someone has a cure for this.



On Wednesday 05 December 2001 01:43, Matt Brubeck wrote:
> On Dec 5, John Hughes wrote:
> > the track pad on my iBook2 has always been extremely sensitive and
> > erratic. It jumps arround, and is nealy unuseable. What can I do about
> > this?
> There were several comments in the MacInTouch iBook2 reader reports about
> trackpad issues, notably in the fifth page of reports:
> http://macintouch.com/ibook2001pt5.html

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