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Re: Booting into Linux on OldWorld Mac

(Machine in question: Performa 6400, OF v. 2.0)

(No luck on all the suggestions from Chris' last post on this thread, I'm 

Well, I tried booting from the installation boot floppy, reinitializing the 
partition table (which got rid of the Apple ATA driver entries that had been 
taking up hda2 and hda3), formatting the hard disk again, and reinstalling the 
base system.  I also tried something from Wayne Pascoe's ordeal 
200112/msg00258.html)--rebooting via the boot floppy, then going to the 2nd 
terminal and:

# mount /dev/hda2 /mnt
# chroot /mnt /bin/ash
chroot: cannot execute /bin/ash: No such file or directory
# chroot /mnt /bin/sh
sh-2.05a# quik
Could not open /proc/cpuinfo!

Thing is, the terminal opening text says I'm using ash, and an ls shows it 
sitting right there in /bin, all nice and executable by everyone (whoami 
returns "root", btw).  So, it looks like...
> If none of those work, you're probably stuck with BootX. See
> instructions on that, at least for booting the installer, in this list
> the last few days.

I looked at the archives and did a search through the last three months of 
posts, but I didn't find anything on booting the installer with BootX (other 
than making sure I check that the kernel is in an acceptable format for the 
program).  A couple of questions about BootX and Debian:

* The installation disks I have install 2.2.19, but I've only found 2.2.20 in a 
precompiled version out there (admittedly, I could probably look harder, but 
I'm doing my surfing from work...).  Is this likely to work okay with the 
modules on the installation disks?

* How will having my kernel sitting on a MacOS partition affect apt-get?  Will 
I basically be out of luck module- and kernel-wise?

* Are there any other gotchas I should know about?  (Didn't see any in the 
BootX docs or the list, but...)

Thanks again to everyone for helping me out with this.  I really appreciate 
it.  :)  (Btw, is there anything I can do to return the favor besides answering 
questions on the list, which I'm plainly too new to PPC Linux to do?)


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