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Re: Patches for laptop owners

> >Putting this in the kernel might annoy a lot of people (I prefer to have
> >the option to move the mouse while pressing modifier keys or mouse
> >emulation buttons, for instance).
> Well, what Apple does in Darwin is to trigger a timer after a keypress
> or release (that is a keyboard action) and to ignore a tapping state
> change of the trackpad until this timer expires (typically a few
> milliseconds). This avoids spurrious trackpad taps on those new

Maybe Apple does this. Having 'seen' some of their design decisions
(meaning having fun working around them in the driver code) I'm more
willing to assume this is a Bad Thing :-)

Plus the user was complaining about the pointer moving, not spurious
trackpad taps - which can be gotten rid of by simple 'trackpad notap'

> over-sized trackpads when typing on the keyboard. It could be easily
> put in the kernel, but not before we have a way to simply configure
> and turn it on/off, along with other trackpad features, via the
> yet-not-written /proc/bus/adb interface ;)

I disagree. It's of course always possible and sometimes even easy to put
workarounds for broken hardware design or slightly nonstandard user
preferences in the kernel. But anything that can equally well be handled
in user space really belongs there. 

Don't get me started on /proc/bus/adb :-)


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