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Re: /etc/power/pwrctl-local vs anacron

> > wakeup)
> >     /sbin/fblevel on
> >     /sbin/trackpad notap
> >     /usr/sbin/anacron
> >     /usr/X11R6/bin/xrefresh
> >     ;;
> >
> > any idea why the last two don't do anything?
> I've been wondering about anacron myself; it used to work at some point.
> I notice messages like this in the syslog:
> Dec 28 12:26:25 pismo anacron[11636]: Can't close stdin: Bad file
> descriptor

Since pmud 0.10 the file descriptors opened by pmud are no longer
inherited by pwrctl. AFAIK /dev/zero is substituted for stdin instead.

> The xrefresh you shouldn't need; enable APM emulation in the kernel and
> create /dev/apm_bios.

xrefresh might require a DISPLAY variable set, BTW. That's definitely not
default for pwrctl.


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