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Re: PPC blackdown JDK... any news?

Le lundi 3 décembre 2001, à 01:21 AM, Tovar a écrit :

   I was just wondering if anybody on this list has their ears near the
   blackdown JDK porters for PPC.  PPC never had a 1.3.1 release, and
   searching on debian-java and linuxppc-user & dev doesn't seem to
   reveal any JDK related traffic in many moons.  Anybody here happen to
   know if the porting effort is still alive? Heads down and working on
   1.4, or what?

Yes there seems to be an ongoing porting effort for JDK 1.4 at Blackdown, and, best of all, it may include a JIT compiler !!!

I think every contributing effort would be welcome, if you are one of the kind who could contribute :-)


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